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流量、压力和扬程,Uniqa 面临的挑战


在佛罗里达州(美国)的一个住宅区,我们被要求安装一个高质量、价格具有竞争力的污水泵站,该泵站每天能够输送约 400,000 升来自新建的一个含有脂肪、固体、纸张和织物的重污染水。住宅开发。但抽水条件才是真正的挑战。电动泵必须处理快速变化的流量,从每分钟 400 升到 2000 升,扬程高度可变(从 4.2 到 1.7 bar)。


我们与 Atlantic Environmental 合作,建造了一个直径 1.80 米、长 7.5 米的玻璃纤维泵站,其中包含两个 18.5 kW 的 UNIQA Vortex 电动泵。具有涡流叶轮的 Uniqa 泵节能且用途广泛,可应对苛刻的工作条件,符合所有技术规范,并符合当地严格的防爆法规。


Uniqa 电动泵以所需的流量和压力输送液体,毫不费力地处理其中包含的固体,而不会出现停机或叶轮结垢。其高效率确保了低电力和运行成本,保证了客户的满意度。

Flow rate, pressure and head, a challenge for Uniqa

At a residential complex in Florida (USA), we were asked to install a high-quality, competitively priced wastewater pumping station able to transfer about 400,000 litres a day of heavily soiled water containing fats, solids, paper and fabrics from a newly-built housing development. But the pumping conditions were the real challenge. The electric pumps would have to handle fast-changing flow rates from 400 to 2000 litres a minute, with highly variable heads (from 4.2 to 1.7 bar).

In partnership with Atlantic Environmental, we built a fibreglass pumping station 1.80 metres in diameter and 7.5 metres long, containing two 18.5 kW UNIQA Vortex electric pumps. Energy-efficient and versatile in dealing with the demanding duty conditions, the Uniqa pumps with vortex impeller met all technical specifications with flying colours and also complied with the tough local anti-explosion regulations.

The Uniqa electric pumps transferred the liquid at the flow and pressure required, effortlessly handling the solids it contained without stoppages or impeller fouling. With the low electricity and running costs ensured by their high efficiency, the customer’s satisfaction was guaranteed.




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