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随着 ATEX 指令的推出,欧盟提高了安装在危险环境中的设备的质量和安全标准。

潜在爆炸性工作场所的安全在欧洲一级受两项指令管理:ATEX 2014/34/EU(产品指令)和 ATEX 99/92/EC(社会指令)。
第一个指令规定了 ATEX 设备合格评定的要求和程序,并确定了将其投放欧洲市场的经济运营商(制造商、授权代表、进口商和分销商)的义务和责任。

为了保证法规要求的安全水平并满足特定市场的需求,Zenit 扩大了其 ATEX 认证产品的范围,适用于存在潜在爆炸性液体、气体和灰尘的情况下安装。

. UNIQA系列潜水泵
主要用于民用和工业安装中的专业和重型用途,电机功率范围为 0.55 至 160 kW,具有 Premium IE3 效率等级。

. ZM系列搅拌机
这些设备源自 UNIQA 系列,是水净化和处理厂中液体混合的最实用和最有效的解决方案。



With the introduction of the ATEX Directives, the European Union has raised the quality and safety standards for equipment installed in hazardous environments.

Safety in potentially explosive workplaces is governed at European level by two directives: ATEX 2014/34/EU (product directive) and ATEX 99/92/EC (social directive).
The first directive sets out the requirements and procedures for conformity assessment of ATEX equipment and identifies the obligations and responsibilities of economic operators (manufacturers, authorised representatives, importers and distributors) who place it on the European market.
The second directive identifies the employer’s obligations and indicates the requirements for the protection of the safety and health of workers who may be exposed to the risk of explosive atmospheres at the place where the equipment is installed.

The Zenit solution

To guarantee the levels of safety required by regulations and to meet the needs of specific markets, Zenit has expanded its range of ATEX certified products suitable for installation in the presence of potentially explosive liquids, gases and dust.

. UNIQA series submersible pumps
Mainly intended for professional and heavy-duty use in civil and industrial installations, with motors from 0.55 to 160 kW in Premium IE3 efficiency class.

. ZM series mixer
Derived from the UNIQA series, these devices are the most practical and efficient solutions for the mixing of liquids in water purification and treatment plants.

. Grey series submersible pumps
Very rugged and reliable, these devices are suitable for both domestic and civil applications.




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