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Test Tank-设计阶段的重要步骤







Testing tank, an essential step in the design phase

In modern manufacturing it is essential to have a test and trial area with the latest equipment and skilled personnel, in order to verify the characteristics of the prototypes since the very first phase, so as to define the high-quality standards of the final product.

Zenit Group has a state-of the art test lab which is able to perform electrical and hydraulic tests on submersible electric pumps, mixers and valves, and analyse their main parameters of operation.
By using instrumental tests in tank, it is possible to determine curves, electrical and mechanical performances, absorptions and temperatures of operation.
The personnel, highly trained and with a long dating experience, can benefit from state-of-the-art equipment which is calibrated and certified periodically by third parties in order to ensure the absolute reliability of the results.

The ideas produced in the R&D department, after a preliminary feasibility study, are developed for the creation of prototypes undergoing electrical and hydraulic tests, which allow the evaluation of the machines’ performance and the analysis of their criticality before the manufacture of the industrial product.
This operation accelerates and improves the development process and ensures that the end client receives a product which is able to perform the required job.


一旦原型通过电气测试,它就会与液压部件组装在一起,以便在水中进行动态测试。该测试阶段在配备有设备的测试罐中进行,该设备可以测量高达 120.000 l/sec 的流量和 100 m 的扬程。可以将此机器与具有 Ø2″ 至 Ø 500 mm 排放口的型号和任何类型的法兰连接。



In the approval phase, specific electrical tests are performed on the stators according to meticulous procedures agreed upon by technical executives. 
Besides the tests aiming to verify compliance with electrical and mechanical measurements, efficiency and reliability are also checked with specific tests performed in special atmospheres and extreme conditions.

Once the prototype has passed the electrical tests, it is assembled with a hydraulic part to undergo dynamic tests in water. This test phase is performed in a test tank equipped with devices that can measure a flow rate of up to 120.000 l/sec and a head of 100 m. It is possible to couple this machinery with models having a discharge from Ø2″ to Ø 500 mm and any type of flange.
Now is when the overall performance of the pump and the definitive efficiency of the project are verified. If the results meet the intended goal, the production of a sampling lot can start, otherwise criticalities are examined in order to apply corrective measures until the performances required by the project are met.

Apart from the prototypes, in the test and trial area of Zenit Group the personnel also perform checks on random samples of the production line, or specific reports requested by the client, for example for models which will be used in particularly hard conditions.

By doing this, Zenit works every day to give its clients a high-quality product and guarantee the best performance and reliability, with support and customer services which give Zenit’s solutions a great added value. 




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